Pricing your property

I won’t ‘sugar coat’ the reality of selling prices.  Unless you have owned your property for several years, it is very likely that you paid more for the property than it will sell for in today’s market.

Pricing your property is a real challenge as you must compete with short sales and foreclosures that have driven down prices to their lowest level in many years.   I will work with  you and review all of your options taking into consideration how quickly you need to sell, if owner financing or a lease option for a new buyer is a possibility, if you are planning to buy another property and every other factor that will impact how your property is priced and sold.

Now more than ever, you need a professional Realtor.  You need someone like me, Rebecca Riley,  who can explain your options and work with you to find the best solution for selling your home in today’s challenging environment.

Call, text or email her now to discuss your options and to put together a plan that will get your property SOLD!

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